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Tina's Tokyo Tea at Thirsty Fox Pub and Grill, Albert Lea

This cocktail is Tina's Tokyo Tea, which is a much needed variant on the standard Long Island Ice Tea. This cocktail uses Midori Melon Liqueur to give the drink a rich balanced flavor of Muskmelon using Japanese made Melon liqueur first produced in 1964. It's the superb balance and flavor addition that dramatically elevates the Long Island into a new category of contemporary classic cocktails. Stop in and try one!

According to cocktailsforyou, Midori is made from two fresh melons,

yubari and musk, which are sourced exclusively in Japan – the yubari come from Yubari City on the North Island, where the soil is rich in volcanic ash making it of high nutritional value, and the musk melons are sourced from Aichi and Shizuoka provinces, south of Tokyo, famous for producing high-quality melons that sell for $40 to $200 each.

Let us create a Tina's Tokyo Tea for you today.

Visit the Thirsty Fox Pub and Grill in Albert Lea, MN

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