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Summer Peach Cobbler Cocktail.

This is our Summer Peach Cobbler Cocktail. Delicious cranberry and peach with a vodka base and mint sprig make this a very definite must try! The peach cuts the tartness of the cranberry while adding amazing flavor making this a great easy drinking cocktail.

This sweet twist on a classic dessert is the perfect summer cocktail. According to The Table, When people first began cultivating their own peach trees in Europe centuries ago, it was common to share abundant crops with family and neighbors who didn’t have them.

According to many linguists, receiving this generous gift, combined with the happy, rosy glow people get on their cheeks when they eat the tasty fruit, led to the expression of feeling “peachy” or “peachy keen.”

Come enjoy the sweet and fruity flavors of this delightful drink.

Visit the Thirsty Fox Pub and Grill in Albert Lea, MN

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