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The Thirsty Fox Pub has been a slow four-year project where small details mattered. The goal was to craft a warm and inviting place for all of us in the community who just wanted a great place to meet and have fantastic beer, superb cocktails, eminently satisfying wines, and the perfect food to match.


It started with a simple desire to have a good burger (hard to find) and a great craft beer (oddly – also hard to find). As a long-time home brewer, high-quality beers have always meant something special. However, it wasn’t long before the mission started to creep into cocktails. Distilleries are starting to pop-up everywhere and finally, people are rediscovering some of the great flavor profiles found in craft cocktails. Likewise, whiskeys are also seeing a huge revival for the same reason. Thus, it seemed natural to build a whiskey collection for all of us enthusiasts who seek unique aromas and flavors.


We are still building the Thirsty Fox and will continue to do so forever. This is less a destination and more an on-going journey to come together with the community and build a great local pub. We hope you will come and join us.

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